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Our Story

Of all places, Newt started in the operating room. Our founder, Gil Kerbs, spent years developing and selling surgical technologies for Medtronic. While the ability to save lives excited him, he realized that despite using the most advanced technologies, including robotics and advanced energy tools, modern medicine could only add a few months to a patient’s life. It became obvious that we should focus on prevention, not treatment. That’s why we founded Newt – nutrition is the #1 tool for preventing illness and promoting health. We believe anybody should be able to benefit from professional, daily support of a registered dietitian - and we utilize technology to make this service accessible to anyone. 

Newt’s vision is to harness the power of personalized behaviorally adapted nutrition to improve global health.

The Team


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Prof. Adam Grant

Psychology & motivation expert

Wharton’s top-rated professor

NYT best-selling author

Joy photo edit yoav.png

Joy Bauer

World-leading nutrition expert

Television host, NBC

NYT best-selling author

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Ayelet Weinstein

Head of nutrition

Israeli Olympic Team
Wingate institution

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Prof. Alia Crum

Leading behavioral researcher

Head of Mind&Body lab, Stanford

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