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Newt is built for people who want to go the extra mile for their health and see real results

What makes Newt different?

Clinically proven tools


We match you with experienced, certified nutritionists - 

helping you access proven evidence-based health tools

Plan made for you


Get a personalized plan that fits your unique schedule, to meet your individual needs

Don't break the bank


Just $25 per week or $99 per month for 24/7 access to a nutritionist - less than the cost of 1 trip to a traditional clinic 

Schedule a consultation today Get paired with one of our certified nutritionists and begin your journey 

"Newt makes it easy to get paired with customers and help them meet their goals"
Ramon - Licensed Dietician and Chief Nutrition Officer at Newt


What you get

Personalized Health Report 

Receive a tailor-made health assessment, along with an interactive meal plan and fitness regimen


Our daily nutrition and motivation support enables you to reach your goals while enjoying the process


Your personal nutritionist is always with you on the journey towards long-lasting healthy habits

Sign up for Newt now to get the support you need to live your healthiest life

Customers love Newt


Roni M.

Newt helped me achieve the difficult - lose weight. It's not the first time I've tried to lose weight, but this time it worked. My personal nutritionist, Ramon, was not only there for me to push and cheer, but was also encouraging me to be less hard on myself when I made a mistake. 


Gilad G.

I'm not a fan of 'support groups' and this format is the best of all world - I get to be independent and do it on my own terms, while still getting support that helped me be accountable and progress over time.


Amos M.

Newt gave me a way just to lose weight, but also feel healthier and better. The advice I received from my personal nutritionist was super easy to implement and I also learned how to eat healthy for the long run


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