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Reach Your Ultimate Potential With Newt’s Digital Nutritionist

*Currently only available in Hebrew

What's Newt

Our digital nutritionist provides professional personalized nutrition support 24/7 at a fraction of the cost.

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Expert nutritionist support is clinically proven to work.
Newt makes it accessible to everyone!

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Weight loss

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Gaining muscle mass

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Improving Physical / mental performance

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Reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and more

How it works


We evaluate your nutrition and health using the most up-to-date scientific research


Receive a tailor-made health assessment, along with an interactive meal plan and fitness regimen



Your personal nutritionist is always with you on the journey towards long-lasting healthy habits

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Our daily nutrition and motivation support enables you to reach your goals while enjoying the process

“I’m not a person of support groups. I prefer to work when and how fits me, and this platform allows exactly that. It’s enjoying both worlds: being independent, but still having support and accountability”.

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Prof. Alia Crum

Head of Mind&Body Lab

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Ayelet Weinstein

Head of nutrition dept
Wingate institution


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Prof. Adam Grant

Psychology expert

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Joy Bauer


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