Get personal nutrition support

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Tailor-made professional report

Nutrition and health report

Daily support in forming new habits

Personal support to overcome obstacles

Personalized menu

Daily reminders and feedback

Answers to your questions 24X7

Unlimited text support of a registered clinical nutritionist 

Bi-Monthly video calls with your personal nutritionist

Personalized fitness plan

Personal AI-Powered virtual nutritionist
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$1 a day*
Personal support by a registered nutritionist
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$3 a day*

*charged monthly


Personal support by a registered nutritionist

Consult with a registered clinical nutritionist without visiting a clinic, at a cost anyone can afford. Have a professional question, or need someone to root for you? Your personal nutritionist is there for you!

What will you get?

Our tailor made professional report, including personalized nutrition and fitness plans

All the advantages of Newt’s AI-powered virtual nutritionist

A registered nutritionist available for you: unlimited texting and bi-monthly video calls

24X7 support from our AI-powered digital nutritionist

Once you’ve received your initial report, you might encounter questions and difficulties adopting your new habits. Our AI-powered nutritionist is there for you 24X7, to ensure you stay on track.

What will you get?

Our tailor made professional report, including personalized nutrition and fitness plans

Our digital nutritionist is available 24X7 for any nutrition/sports related question

Dedicating only a few minutes a day, you’ll adopt habits that lead you towards long-term success

Tailor-made professional report

A personalized report based on a questionnaire, blood tests and current diet. Afterwards, you’d be presented with recommendations for fitness and meal plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.

What will you get?

A comprehensive report indicating what your biomarkers and blood tests say about your health

Personalized meal plan and fitness program based on your individual goals and lifestyle

Actionable recommendations to help you improve your performance and habits for the long run


About Us

Newt is an Israeli startup company that aims to improve the health and achievements of amateur athletes through personalized nutrition. We do this using an app we have developed, which uses AI (artificial intelligence) and is based on the latest research in the fields of nutrition, health and behavioral sciences. The company advises global experts in the field of nutrition and sports, including:

Prof. Alia Crum

Head of Mind&Body Lab

Ayelet Weinstein

Head of nutrition dept
Wingate institution


Prof. Adam Grant

Psychology expert

Joy Bauer


Customers share ...

“The platform is super convenient as it’s always available.
I felt very comfortable to share and advise with my nutritionist”